#UsToo seeks to affirm and acknowledge the unique experiences of LGBTQ survivors, whom studies have shown disproportionately experience sexual violence. Spanning MBTA subway and bus advertising, radio, digital advertising, as well as social media outreach – the campaign leverages the hashtag #UsToo to deliver a simple, yet important reminder: “Sexual assault doesn’t discriminate by race, gender, orientation or identity, and neither do we.” 


Educate service providers and the general public within marginalized communities about sexual assault. Moreover, promote the Violence Recovery Program of Fenway Health as a critical life-line to help LGBTQ survivors receive the acknowledgement and support they need to heal.


  • Branded micro-site, with additional resources & info
  • MBTA advertising (25 brand bus takeovers; 125 subway cars)
  • Statewide :30 & :60 sec radio spots
  • Digital & mobile paid ads
  • Shareable “Facts & Stats” Content
  • Press release
  • Social media
  • Print flyers


  • Facebook reach: 55,000 impressions |  7.93% click-through-rate (CTR)| Likes: 351 | Shares: 281
  • Mobile advertising: 6.3% click-through-rate (CTR)
  • +1,700 statewide radio spots in two weeks