My Fenway Story Sweepstakes


Patient Quotes

“It is amazing to be seen as you, yourself, wholly and enough.”

“I always felt safe knowing I could walk into the clinic and be embraced.”

“Without realizing, all these people have touched my life and, in an unspoken way, let me know that it is OK to be.”

“To be understood, accepted, and even protected is an invaluable feeling; and something everyone should be able to have from their health care professionals.”

*Awarded Gold at 2017 Lamplighter Awards


A three-month, digital sweepstakes to incentivize and encourage patients to share positive experiences of the care they received at Fenway Health.  Participants were given the chance to win one of three redeemable gift cards, along with the possibility of becoming a featured patient speaker at annual fundraising galas and/or being featured in future Fenway marketing efforts.


Solicit patient stories to identify a patient speaker for Fenway Health’s two largest annual fundraising galas. Encourage community engagement to further online reputation, as well as solicit patient quotes and testimonials for future marketing efforts.


  • Branded landing page featuring overview, submission form, and terms & conditions
  • Social media
  • Digital paid advertising
  • On-site signage & promotion
  • Patient communications


  • 26 life-changing stories from current patients and additional comments & engagement
  • Identified and secured patient speaker for 2017 fundraising events
  • Increased social and community engagement
  • More than doubled Facebook following, from 5k to 10k in 3 months
  • On-going use of submitted material in current & future marketing efforts
  • *Campaign awarded Gold at New England Society for Healthcare Communications’ 2017 Lamplighter Awards